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Pythons basketball has basketball tryouts for players in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. This is an excellent development program that participates in both league play as well as AAU.

If you are looking to participate in an AAU team there are many options. AAU basketball has become a popular activity for youth and is helping basketball players improve.

If looking to develop your skills as a player you should practice everyday. Pythons basketball is played out of NJ and is well known for working on fundamental skills for players. Not all teams do that. Some teams only focus is on winning. Little to know work goes into overdeveloping fundamentals (shooting, dribbling, etc..) in practices. That is not uncommon and players should be aware of this. Look at team practice as a place for the TEAM to learn how to play basketball. You need to practice as an individual so that when you tryout for a team or when you participate with the team you are able to finish at the rim and make your shots.

For a typical practice I would recommend spending at least 15 minutes with foul shots. Missing foul shots drives coaches crazy. Next, work on your short, mid range and 3. Finish with practicing layups both your right layup and left layups.
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